Shopify: Update Modified Orders

Sometimes a Shopify order changes after your customer has placed it. Some examples of this would be when an item has been cancelled or refunded or if you are using an upsell application where order items are added after it is initially placed.

Depending on your shipping workflow needs in regards to item quantity changes Shopify sends two types of item quantities: order quantity and fulfillable quantity. Order Quantity is the default quantity and consistently reflects the original order amount. Fulfillable Quantity updates the quantity of an item if that value changes in Shopify.

If the Use Fulfillable Quantity setting is enabled on a Shopify store ShipStation will compare the fulfillable quantity of each order's line items and do the following when the new data differs from the existing order record:

  • Modify the quantity of the item(s) in ShipStation to match Shopify.

  • Adjust the product total for the order in ShipStation.

How to Enable the Fulfillable Quantity Setting

If a Shopify order has imported into ShipStation, you can sync new information to ensure you see all updates to the order before you ship

You will need to contact support to enable the ‘Use Fulfillable Quantity’ setting to allow the line items in ShipStation to update based on the actions taken in Shopify.

Once this feature is enabled you will simply need to click the Import button Import icon, or Refresh-stores icon. Grey circular arrow symbol (clockwise), inside of a black square in ShipStation to pull this new data from Shopify.

If order updates occur you will see an alert in the Order Details that a change has been made to the number of items in the order as shown in the video below:


Notes about the Fulfillable Quantity Setting

  • Orders that have been split into multiple shipments can not sync order updates.

  • If your order originally imported to the On Hold status this can impact automation rules using Order Subtotal, Order Total, Order Weight, or Total Quantity as criteria.

    • You can manually reprocess the rules when the order status changes or update the rule to use different criteria for On Hold orders

    • Order Weight will not be adjusted if the rules are manually reprocessed. You will need to manually update the weight.

    • Quantity for customs declarations: If this is an international shipment, you must manually adjust the quantity in your customs declarations.

    • Only the product total will update as the order changes. These updates will not adjust the total paid.

  • Order updates will not remove line items that change to a quantity of 0 (but ShipStation will display 0 for the item in the Qty field).