Other International Options & Forms

A reference for other international options & forms, including a list of forms that are not available in ShipStation.

ShipStation includes a few other options for international shipments, including setting taxes and duties to be paid by the payor of shipping charges and generating a UPS High-value report.

Bill Taxes & Duties to Payor of Shipping Charges Option

By default, any applicable taxes and duties are billed to the recipient of an international shipment. Once customs officials determine the taxes and duties due, the recipient will be contacted to pay any charges so that the shipment can continue to move toward its destination.

For carriers that support it, you can request that the payor of the shipping charges be billed for taxes and duties instead of the recipient (this is also called DDP or Delivered Duties Paid). This is helpful if you prefer to absorb these costs so the recipient doesn't face additional charges.

In ShipStation, the following carriers allow selecting DDP:

  • UPS

  • FedEx

  • DHL Express

The method of billing may differ depending on your carrier. For balance-based carriers, the fee will be deducted when you purchase the label. For post-billed carriers, any duties and taxes applicable to the shipment could be added to your invoice or you may be contacted by the carrier to be billed separately.

Combine with Third-Party Billing

This feature can also be combined with the Bill To Third-Party feature so the third-party account will be responsible for the duties and taxes assessed by the customs agency.

Generate a UPS High-Value Report

When shipping carrier-insured packages with UPS that are valued greater than or equal to USD $1,000, you will also need to print a High-Value Report. This document, sometimes called a "Control Log," serves as proof that UPS has picked up your high-value shipment.

The High-Value report will look similar to this:

UPS "Control Log" high-value report sample

Two copies of this receipt must be printed along with your label(s). Provide one copy to UPS and ensure the other copy is signed by the UPS Driver or a UPS Customer Centre representative and returned to you. The signed copy of this receipt is your proof that UPS has accepted the package(s), and this report will be required to submit a claim should the shipment become lost or damaged.

UPS will return the High-Value Report to ShipStation automatically, along with the label and any required customs forms.

High-Value Report for Domestic Shipments

If you need to print a High-Value Report for a domestic shipment, do one of the following:

  • Enable the Forms column in Shipments grid, then click the SHP_Forms_Doc_Icon.png icon that appears in that column.

  • Select Docs > Other Forms from the Shipment print menu for the selected order in the Order Details shipping sidebar.

  • Print the High-Value Report from the Batch Shipping Status screen under Other Docs > Other Forms.

Notes About High-Value Reports

  • If you create a multi-package shipment for an order, High-Value Reports will only be generated for the individual packages that have a declared value of USD $1000 or more.

  • If the shipment is international, the High-Value Report will be included with any customs forms or commercial invoices the carrier sends to ShipStation. They will appear and print after any commercial invoices included in the forms PDF.