Barcode Scanning Overview

Summarizes the available barcode scanning features in ShipStation and links to the related articles.

If you have a barcode scanner and use it frequently in your workflow, ShipStation has a range of actions that can be done with barcodes. Navigating ShipStation, verifying and printing shipments, and adding orders to batches are just a few of the tasks you can perform with barcode scanning in ShipStation.

Barcode Scan actions include:

  • View Order Details

    By adding a scan to view barcode to your packing slip, you can open Order Details. This works well with Pick and Pack workflows and Verifying shipment contents.

  • Barcode search mode

    Using a custom barcode with the order # or order ID, ShipStation can perform the action you designate with just a scan: view the order, ship the order, or add order to a batch.

  • Verify and Print Shipments

    Scan SKU or UPC barcodes during the pick and pack process to verify shipment contents and then print the label. The verify and print actions can be done separately or combined to move immediately from the verify action to printing the label. Choose your scan method from the workflow drop-down menu found under the Scan tab.

    The Verify scan actions are only available in ShipStation's new layout and not available in the Legacy version. However, the Scan to Print feature is available in both Legacy and the new layout.

  • Add orders to a Batch

    Using the scan to view barcode, you can use a barcode scanner to add orders to batches in ShipStation.

  • Navigate ShipStation, use Hotkeys and Shortcuts

    You can print out one of our barcode quick reference sheets or customise your own with shortcuts for common actions such as applying a shipping Preset or navigating to the Order grid. This will reduce the need to use the keyboard and mouse for processing orders and shipments.

  • Create your own barcode

    You can add your own custom barcodes that contain ShipStation order data, like order numbers, to print on your packing slips. You can then use these barcodes in other parts of your workflow.

Recommended Barcode Scanners

Most general-purpose barcode scanners will work, be it USB or Bluetooth. Models we've tested that work well include the Zebra Symbol LS2208 and the LI4278

If you are looking for recommendations for the best barcode scanners to use with ShipStation, visit the ShipStation Community.