Square Online Store

How to manage Square Online Store orders by creating a manual store, exporting data from the Square Online Store, and importing orders into ShipStation.

Migration to Square Online Store

Beginning February 27th, 2020, Square will migrate existing users with a Square Market online store to the new Square Online Store, powered by Weebly.

At this time, ShipStation is not able to directly integrate with a Weebly powered Square Online Stores. Once your store has been migrated, ShipStation will no longer be able to automatically import your order data or update shipment information.

To ensure minimal disruption to your shipping, we've updated the content of this article to provide instructions on how to manually import your Square orders into ShipStation so you can continue to create labels as you did previously, using your own carrier accounts and existing rates. Review the instructions below to learn how to import your Square orders into ShipStation after February 27th.

For more information on Square's migration to the Square Online Stores, powered by Weebly, see their FAQ: Updating Your Square Online Store.

If you have a Weebly powered Square Online Store, you can manage your orders and shipments in ShipStation by using the CSV order import feature.

Review the sections below for how to use ShipStation to manager your order imports so you can continue to create labels and track shipments with ShipStation.

Add a Manual Store

To import orders into ShipStation using a CSV file, you must have an active ShipStation Manual Store to send the orders to.

  1. Type ShipStation into the search bar.

  2. Select the ShipStation tile.

    V3 version: Pop-up for Add Your Store or Marketplace. Red box highlights ShipStation tile.
  3. Set your store options:

    • Name the store as you want it to appear in the Orders tab.

    • Do not select the option Automatically generate order numbers to new manual orders. Order numbers will be included in the exported CSV file from your Square Online Store.

  4. Click Connect.

Once connected, set your manual-store settings for branding, notifications, and other options just as you would for any connected store.

Remember to save your changes!

Create Multiple Manual Stores

If you manage multiple Square Online Stores, you can create additional Manual Stores to manage all of their orders separately by store.

Export Orders from the Square Online Store

Follow the steps below to export a CSV file with your Square Online Store's order information. For more information, see the Export Orders article in the Weebly Help Centre.

  1. Login to your Square Online Store.

  2. Go to the Orders tab.

  3. Click Export Orders.

  4. Select Which orders do you want to export?


    We recommend using the Orders in date range option for each export.

  5. Select Export CSV File as the File Type.

  6. Click Export.


Your Square Online Store will then generate the CSV export file and email it to the email address for the logged in Square username. Download the attached CSV file once received.

Import Orders into ShipStation

After downloading the CSV export file, import the orders into the ShipStation Manual Store to create order records.

  1. Go to the ShipStation Orders tab.

  2. Click Other Actions and choose Import Orders.

    Orders tab, closeup of Action buttons bar. Red box highlights Import Orders option in Other Actions drop-down

    ShipStation will open the CSV order import screen. 

    CSV Import pop-up. Select file button. Download Link for sample CSV. Import to Store dropdown. Field mapping selections.
  3. Click +Select File in the Import Orders screen.

  4. Locate your orders CSV file and click Open.

    The name of your file will then appear next to the +Select File button.

    Closeup of CSV Import pop-up. Red arrow points to CSV file that user selected for import.
  5. Select the manual store created for Square orders in the Import to Store drop-down menu. 

    Close-up of Import Store dropdown. Red box highlights selected store.


    Once the import starts, orders cannot be moved to another store.

  6. Select Create a new field mapping if this is your first CSV import.

    If you saved an import mapping during a previous export, select Use a saved mapping option and select the option used for Square orders.

  7. Click Upload.

  8. Map the order import as follows:

    Save Your Field Mapping

    We highly recommend you enter a Field mapping name to save the import template. For future imports, you'll be able to save time by choosing Use a saved mapping option to automatically fill in the import mapping.

  9. Click Start Import.

ShipStation will create new order records based on the Order #. If the Order # is already in use for the manual store you are importing into, ShipStation will update the existing order record.

Once the orders have been imported, you'll be able to modify the shipment details and create shipping labels, just like orders that imported from an connected store.

Important Notes

Please keep in mind the following limitations when using this method to manage orders from a Weebly powered Square Online Store:

  • The Square Online Store's export process will export all orders (or all orders in a given range) in any status, but ShipStation will treat all manual orders created by CSV import as Awaiting Shipment orders. Square orders that have been processed prior to switching to this method may be included in the CSV export file and will need to be manually marked as shipped or cancelled in ShipStation.

    If an order has already been imported using the CSV method and is in the Shipped or Cancelled status, ShipStation will ignore that order if included in future CSV imports.

  • ShipStation will not be able to send shipment information back to Square. The Square order will need to be manually updated with the relevant shipment information. See the Manage Orders page in the Weebly Help Centre for more information.

  • Users must be on the Bronze or higher subscription plan level to have access to the CSV import feature. However, we will enable the CSV import feature for existing accounts, regardless of plan level, to ensure no disruption to your shipping.

    If you are not able to find the Import Orders option, please contact the ShipStation User Success team for assistance.

Additional Details about the Square Integration

  • ShipStation is only able to import Market orders from Square. ShipStation is not able to import POS orders or Invoices.

  • Only a single Square store can be connected to a ShipStation account.

  • If an Square order is Expired, ShipStation will not be able to send a shipment update to the order.