StreetPricer for ShipStation & eBay Users

What is StreetPricer, benefits for ShipStation users who sign up for StreetPricer, and how to get started using StreetPricer for eBay listings.

StreetPricer is a tool for eBay merchants to monitor and analyze how competitors price their products, and how your products compete with other eBay sellers.

ShipStation's partnership with StreetPricer offers our eBay sellers access to a free StreetPricer subscription. This subscription provides the ability to monitor competitors for up to 10 eBay Item IDs and dynamically reprice them, if you so choose, according to the rules and parameters you specify. Click here to learn more about pricing for StreetPricer's Standard through Professional plans.

What Does StreetPricer Do?

  • Find and track your eBay competitors. StreetPricer can track price changes and sales for competing products on eBay.

  • Analyzes competitor trends, sellers, and products. StreetPricer's analysis can help you stay ahead of market trends.

  • Reprices your eBay items dynamically. StreetPricer can use rules you specify to automatically reprice your items.

Why should you use StreetPricer?

  • Save time and money! Use StreetPricer automation to allow you more time to focus on other business needs.

  • Be proactive to the market, not reactive. Make sure you set your products' prices appropriately before another eBay seller gets the sale.

  • Attract your competitor's customers. By identifying trends, you can develop a strategy to bring more customers to your eBay store.

Sign Up and Use StreetPricer

To get started with StreetPricer, do the following:

  1. Click here to sign up for the free StreetPricer account.

    If you'd like to try one of the Standard through Professional plans instead, go to Streetpricer's pricing page.

    • Select the plan according to the size of your eBay store, then click START FOR FREE. You'll get a 14-day free trial.

  2. Fill in the form's required fields and tell StreetPricer which country your eBay store is in (,, etc).

  3. Click Link Streetprice to your eBay store.

  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

    Streetpricer Agree to Terms and Conditions button.

    You'll then be redirected to eBay so you can log in.

    eBay login screen.
  5. Log in to your eBay store and click Agree to grant StreetPricer access.

    eBay Grand Permission to StreetPricer pop-up

At this point, ShipStation recommends using the StreetPricer Setup Wizard to continue configuring your StreetPricer tool.

Go to Settings > Setup Wizard to complete your StreetPricer setup.

Streetpricer Settings menu highlighted

To learn how to use the settings and features available in StreetPricer, please visit their support centre.

Here are a few articles to get you started:

Upgrade Your StreetPricer Account

The ShipStation partnership with StreetPricer provides access to a free StreetPricer subscription not available to non-ShipStation users. This subscription allows you to add one eBay store and 10 eBay ItemIDs (or SKUs).

If you find StreetPricer useful and would like to add more eBay stores and ItemIDs, you can upgrade to one of their paid subscription plans at any time.