ShipStation Integrations Guide

Collection of information that pertains to ShipStation's integrated store, carrier, API, and other partners.

Welcome to the ShipStation Integrations Guide!

This section of our help centre is all about the stores and carriers you can connect to ShipStation. The left-hand sidebar navigation provides quick access to articles for each integration available in ShipStation. See the sections below for a comprehensive list of all available integrations, including stores and marketplaces, postage providers and carriers, and other partners.

Each article for stores and postage providers includes a brief introduction, requirements for connecting to ShipStation, other requirements when appropriate, connection instructions, available features, troubleshooting tips (when needed), and any additional information you may need to know about the integration as it relates to ShipStation.

If you do not see the store or carrier you wish to add in the lists below, we may not yet integrate with them. If this is the case, you have a few options. Review the articles in the Advanced Integrations Methods section and Solutions Provider article for more details.

For further assistance, click the chat box ICON-Solvvy-Chat.png available on any of the help centre pages to talk to one of our User Success representatives. If you do not see the chat box, make sure you are signed in to the help center.

Carrier Integrations

Below is a list of our current carrier and postage provider integrations.

Carrier Integrations Are Specific to Account Home Country

Some carriers are available in all countries ShipStation operates in and some carriers are country-specific.

ShipStation has country-specific help centers for each country we operate in. This means, if you are on a help center that is not your country's help center, you may not find an article about a carrier you wish to use. To change to your country's help center, click the flag switcher in the page header, and select your country from the list.


You can also see a list of providers available in other countries below your country's list.

ShipStation Carrier Services

ShipStation Carrier Services (SCS)ShipStation Carrier Services (SCS) is the name of the postal service that are built into ShipStation. You do not have to open any postal provider or carrier accounts to use these services. Simply enter the credit card you wish to use to purchase postage, and you can start creating labels right away.

Just as one wallet holds multiple credit cards, SCS acts like a single postage account in ShipStation for you to create labels and get our select rates for services with our participating shipping associates. There’s no need to create individual accounts with them. With ShipStation Carrier Services, just set up the billing method you wish to use and purchase your labels from the carrier you wish to use.

Carriers available through ShipStation Carrier Services:

Click the link for the provider for details about how to use their services in ShipStation. We will update the above list when any new providers join the SCS program.

API Partners

Below is a list of our current API integration partners. Click the links to go directly to their integration page, or use the left sidebar navigation to locate your integration page.

Other Partners

Below is a list of other partners available in ShipStation. Click the links to go directly to their information page, or use the left sidebar navigation to locate the information page.

Additionally, our Solutions Providers can build integrations with a number or ERP and EDI platforms like Wayfair,, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and many more.