Integration Solutions Providers

Explains what a Solutions Provider is and a list of available Solution Providers.

ShipStation supports over 100 direct store integrations. Direct integrations are built and maintained by ShipStation. These are the stores you can add through the Store Setup screen, typically with just a few clicks and entering some basic information.

However, you may use a selling channel that does not have a direct integration with ShipStation. ShipStation partners with many Solutions Providers who may be able to help in this scenario.

To import orders from an Order Management System (OMS) or Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) that requires Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we can connect you with one of our certified partners for assistance.

Our certified solution providers are ShipStation API/XML experts who have completed hundreds of successful integrations for companies like Wayfair, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more!

Selling Channels & ERPs

The following selling channels require a special type of connection called EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is a way for businesses to digitally share information using a standardized format. Information can include things like invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and more.

However, EDI is an older standard that ShipStation cannot use. Fortunately, our solutions providers can use our Custom Store or open API to transmit information to ShipStation from an EDI format.

If you are using an ERP you'd like to connect directly to ShipStation, we partner with several iPaaS solutions providers who can provide this functionality as well.

If you are selling through, or want to sell through, any of these selling channels or ERPs and use ShipStation to print your labels, fill out our ShipStation Integration Request form. One of our partners will then contact you to discuss how they can facilitate a connection with ShipStation.

Selling Channels


Amazon Vendor Central

Walmart DSV


Dicks Sporting Goods Vendor Direct

and more...

Dynamics POS

Dynamics RMS Store Operations 


Epicore Enterprise 

Exact Macola 

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

Microsoft Dynamics SL 

Momentus ERP 



Sage 50 

Sage 100 

Sage 300 

Sage 500 

Sage BusinessVision 

Sage BusinessWorks 

Sage X3 

Sage MAS 500 

Sage MAS 90/200 

SAP Business One 

Simply Accounting By Sage


and more...

No matter which option you require, just contact ShipStation to let us know and we'll get you in contact with the right partner for your specific needs.

Integration Request Form

To start this process, simply fill out our ShipStation Integration Request form.

The appropriate partner will contact you and provide you with details about how the partnership works, what the associated upfront and ongoing costs will be, and what your next steps are with them.

Information for Developers

If you are a custom store developer who needs to access ShipStation's up-to-date logos and other brand assets, please visit our ShipStation Brand page.

Direct integrations