End of Day Forms

Explains how to close and print shipment manifests in ShipStation, how electronic submission works, which carriers support it, and other important notes.

Some carriers require shipping manifests that list all shipments for that carrier each day. Carriers may refer to this list of shipments as: shipment manifest, SCAN form, Order Summary, End of Day form. ShipStation uses the term 'End of Day' (or EOD, for short) to refer to each of these because they are typically closed and transmitted at the end of the day. 

ShipStation provides the ability to close shipments for certain carriers and print the carrier's form, which can then be handed to the carrier's driver and scanned.  

Form Requirements per Carrier

Each carrier has different requirements for End of Day forms; not all carriers require you to close your shipments.

In some cases, you must close and print the forms each day. In others, ShipStation submits the shipping data electronically. When submitted electronically, some carriers will send a PDF to ShipStation you can print out if necessary, but others will not. 

When a carrier requires you to close and/or print this form, in most cases you can do so directly in ShipStation

For details on your carrier's End of Day or manifesting requirements, please check with your carrier account representative. You can also find additional information in the End of Day Form by Carrier section at the bottom of this article and in the Integrations Help guide articles. 

Create End of Days Demo Video

Watch this demo video to learn how you can close your shipments and print an end of day form or shipment manifest in ShipStation.


End of Day Process

To manually close your shipments, you will need to locate the shipments, close them, and print the form. The following steps will walk you through that process within the ShipStation app.

Close via ShipStation Mobile

You can also close your shipments through the ShipStation Mobile app. Review the ShipStation Mobile End of Day article for details.

Locate Open Shipments

Which Shipments Are Displayed?

The shipments displayed are the ones that can be closed manually in ShipStation. Shipments that were closed automatically or electronically will not be listed as open. See the Details by Carrier section for further details.

You are now ready to select the shipments to close. 

Close and Print Shipments

When you click Close Shipments, the Close Shipments screen will appear and list all available shipments to close for that carrier from all Ship From Locations. All shipments will be selected by default.

To close them all at the same time, click Close All.

The close shipments screen shows shipments selected.

Once the Shipments are closed, they will be listed under the Closed tab and ready to print.

As soon as you have closed a set of shipments, you'll see a Print Form link. 

Close Shipment menu with arrow pointing to Print Form link.

Click Print Form and select the printer from the Print pop-up window. 

Set Shipping Cutoff

If your shipment pickup or drop-off time is early enough in the day that you'd like to continue creating labels for shipments that will be picked up the following day, you'll want those later shipments to have a ship date of the next day so they end up on the correct End of Day form.

To automatically set a time of day when the ship date for a label will be set to the following day, set the Shipping Cutoff time in your Label Document Options

Reprint End of Day Form

You can then print via ShipStation Connect or download the form to print through your preferred PDF viewer.

Electronic End of Day Form Submission

Some carriers do not require a physical End of Day manifest because it is all done electronically through ShipStation. For more information about a specific carrier, review the Details by Carrier section below or the carrier-specific article in our Integrations Help Guide.

UPS End of Day

When you print UPS labels through ShipStation, there is no need to provide an End of Day report to your UPS driver. Likewise, you do not need to manually send UPS a Package Level Detail (PLD). ShipStation does this automatically.

All shipment information is sent to UPS (through their API) when a label is created. The corner of each UPS label includes a package icon, which indicates that the package has been pre-scanned. Drivers are not required to scan each package individually.

UPS label sample with package icon indicating EOD submission

Print a UPS Shipment Manifest

If your driver wants you to provide an End of Day form, or your UPS rep wants to review your PLD file, just let them know that ShipStation is a Certified UPS Partner and sends this information directly to UPS using their API.

If you would like to have a physical copy of the day's shipments, go to Insights > Reports > Shipping Manifest. This manifest is not scannable, but you can use it to verify that you are sending out the correct packages.

End of Day Form Details by Carrier

The following table lists End of Day (EOD) form details by carrier, and any additional notes relevant to the forms in ShipStation.



DHL Express

Requires all shipments be manifested, but it's done electronically and automatically in ShipStation. No form available.

DPD (Corporate, Local)

Not required. No forms available in ShipStation.


Not required. EOD form is available to close and print in ShipStation for FedEx Ground shipment and Home Delivery (domestic).


Not required. No forms available in ShipStation.

Parcelforce Worldwide (Corporate)

ShipStation does not support these EOD forms. Follow this link to learn more about Parcelforce documents.

Royal Mail

Required! You must close and print using the ShipStation EOD process. Royal Mail calls this a Sales Order Summary.


No EOD forms required. No forms available in ShipStation.

Shipping by Amazon

No EOD forms required. No forms available in ShipStation.


  • EOD gets submitted electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). You must apply to UPS for this service via the UPS Paperless Invoice Enrollment Page.

  • No scannable EOD form is available in ShipStation.

  • If driver insists, create a Shipping Manifest report for your UPS shipments using the Shipment Report in the Insights tab. This manifest is not scannable.


Notes About End of Day Forms

  • Some carriers with electronic submissions do not provide printable Manifests/End of Day forms.

    ShipStation's new layout will indicate the format in the End of Day Form column in the Shipments tab:

    Shipment grid with the End of Day Form column highlighted.
  • Closing a End of Day form means you have manifested your shipments. Open shipments are shipments that have not yet been manifested, while closed shipments are shipments that have been manifested. Once manifested, you can no longer void that shipment's label through ShipStation. You may be able to contact the carrier to void the label, but ShipStation can no longer make changes.

  • Not all carriers require you to submit an End of Day form or Manifest. Review the list in the Details by Carrier section to see your carrier's end of day requirements, or contact your carrier for more details.

  • For FedEx shipments, only Ground and Home Delivery (domestic) will be included on EODs.

  • UPS End of Day and PLD submitted electronically.

    When you print UPS labels through ShipStation, there is no need to provide an End of Day form or manifest to your UPS driver. Likewise, you do not need to send UPS a Package Level Detail (PLD) manually. ShipStation does this automatically. The bottom right-hand corner of each UPS label includes a package icon that indicates the package has been pre-scanned. Drivers are not required to scan each package individually.

  • If you receive an error when attempting to close a End of Day form, contact ShipStation Support.

    We also recommend contacting your carrier to see if the shipments have been manifested in their system.