Set Reorder Thresholds

Explains how to set account-wide and SKU-specific reorder thresholds for ShipStation's internal inventory, and how to view low stock count alerts.

ShipStation can show you alerts on the Inventory grid when your stock is low. Set a threshold to define what low is.

Set thresholds either with:

  • An account-wide setting, or

  • A SKU-specific setting.

ShipStation will display an alert when the total number of stock, including on-hand and allocated stock, reaches your defined number.


Setting an SKU-specific threshold will override the account-wide threshold for inventory alert purposes.

Account-wide Reorder Threshold

SKU-specific Reorder Threshold


Any ShipStation alerts around reorder thresholds will refer to this SKU-specific value rather than any account-wide default.

View Low Stock Count Alerts

Once you've set either account-wide or product level thresholds in ShipStationShipStation will alert you when your stock levels reach or fall below your set threshold.

The alerts will appear as warning icons ​​"Address Verification Warning​​" icon. White exclamation point inside of an orange triangle. in the Inventory section of your Products tab.

  1. Locate the Alerts column in the Products Inventory grid.

    Orange warning icons mean that the stock has hit or fallen below the reorder threshold you defined.

    Product Inventory Alerts column highlighted with arrow pointed to Yellow icon.

    Red warning icons mean that the stock has fallen to zero.

    Product Inventory Alerts column highlighted red icon.
  2. Use the Alerts filter on this page to narrow your view to stock levels that have one of these alerts or no alerts at all.

    V3 Inventory menu with arrow pointing to Alert filter menu.

Run a Low Stock Count Report

In addition to viewing your Stock Count alerts, you can also run an Inventory Low Stock Report.