Set Default Printers

Explains how to set default printers for documents and how to bypass the default Print To setting.

Setting a default printer for different document types allows you to skip the printer selection step when you go to print a document. Instead, ShipStation will automatically do one of the following: 

  • Send the document directly to the default printer (this option requires ShipStation Connect).

  • Open a preview of the document in your browser (use this option if you prefer to print from a PDF viewer)

  • Download a PDF of the document (use this option if you prefer to download and print later through a PDF viewer).

Set default printers if you plan to always print certain documents from a specific printer. Unlike other document options, default printers are user- and browser-specific, so you can specify different default printers per user and per document type, as well as per browser if necessary. 

There is also an option to bypass the default printer if you wish to send a label, packing slip, or some other document to another printer on an individual basis. 

Repeat steps 3 - 5 to set default printers for more document types. ShipStation will now skip the Print pop-up screen and send your document directly to your selected printer!

Label Format with Packing Slips

If you have set your Label Document Options to print labels and packing slips together, the packing slip printed with the label will use the same default printer. However, you can set packing slips to have their own default printer when you print packing slips on their own.

Bypass the Default Printer

ShipStation will send the document to the selected printer while leaving the default printer option intact for future printing.