What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and update ShipStation's functionality. This release information focuses on what's new and what's changed in ShipStation's new layout. To review a summary of how the new layout differs from ShipStation Legacy, please review the Moving from ShipStation Legacy to the New Layout help article.

New Features

We are excited to show you the new features ShipStation has to offer! If you'd like to take advantage of these new features but are still using the ShipStation Legacy interface, please contact us to let us know that you'd like to migrate to the new ShipStation experience.

Add Scan to View Barcodes to Packing Slips

You can now use Scan to View barcodes to open your Order Details from anywhere in the ShipStation app! Previously, this feature was only available in the ShipStation Legacy Layout. Learn more about adding Scan to View barcodes to your packing slips.


Updated Functionality

We've enhanced several features you may already be using in ShipStation. These enhancements range from simple interface design (as with the Rate Calculator) to new processes to accomplish old tasks (as with splitting and combining orders).

Read through the updates to get an idea of what this updated functionality includes. Each section will include a link to the full documentation about that feature, in case you want to learn all the details.

Tax IDs in Shipment Records

When you add your Tax IDs to your international orders, the Tax IDs will now appear in the Customs Declaration section of your shipment details. This will help you track which of your shipments have Tax ID information.


Learn more about Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and adding your Tax ID to your shipment.

September 2021 Releases

The following updates were released in September 2021.

Intuitive Shipping from Shopify is now live in ShipStation

Shopify has a multi-functional app called Intuitive Shipping that you can now integrate with ShipStation! Intuitive Shipping offers improved checkout rate options, updates about completed orders, estimated delivery times, third-party delivery options, and more!

See our Intuitive Shipping article to learn about this app's requirements, how to connect it to ShipStation, and more.

eBay: New Custom Fields and import Click N Collect Orders

There are two new custom field options for eBay v2:

  • eBay Legacy Order ID will import your eBay sales record number.

  • eBay Order Item IDs will import the eBay item ID number.

You can also now choose to import eBay Click N Collect orders in eBay Store Settings in ShipStation. These orders will import as Awaiting Shipment.

eBay edit store settings popup with import click n collect and custom fields highlighted

August 2021 Releases

Add Contact Information to Carrier Pickups

You can now specify a contact when you schedule pickups in ShipStation. The Contact information includes name, email, phone number, and any location notes the driver will need to find the pickup location.


Map eBay status Pending_Cancellation to ShipStation status On Hold

You can now map eBay orders from Pending_cancellation to ShipStation's On Hold status. See the Additional Features for the eBay Integration section of the eBay article for details.

Available for the eBay V2 integration only.