What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and update ShipStation's functionality. This release information focuses on what's new and what's changed from our ShipStation Legacy interface in our most recent version of ShipStation.

New Features

We are excited to show you the new features ShipStation has to offer! If you'd like to take advantage of these new features but are still using the ShipStation Legacy interface, please contact us to let us know that you'd like to migrate to the new ShipStation experience.

SMS Tracking Notifications

We have added the option for your customers to opt-in to SMS text notifications on the Branded Tracking Page. When enabled, your customers can enter their mobile phone number to receive text messages on the delivery status of their shipment.

Mock up of a smart phone message with the text: Thanks for signing up for order alerts! We'll text you shipping & delivery updates. Text STOP to cancel.

Review our SMS Tracking Notifications help article for more details.

Scan to Search in New Layout

ShipStation has added the Scan to Search function to the new layout!

Scan to search will bring up orders and apply a designated action when you scan a custom barcode.


Select an order status to search for and pick an action from the list. The actions include:

  • Display the Order

  • Ship the Order

  • Add to a new batch

  • Add to an existing batch

Select the Always Keep Window Open to keep the Scan to Search pop-up open for multiple consecutive scan actions.

Updated Functionality

We've enhanced several features you may already be using in ShipStation. These enhancements range from simple interface design (as with the Rate Calculator) to new processes to accomplish old tasks (as with splitting and combining orders).

Read through the updates to get an idea of what this updated functionality includes. Each section will include a link to the full documentation about that feature, in case you want to learn all the details.

Bulk Update - Shipping Account

We have added the option bulk apply a specific Shipping Account!

You can now update multiple shipments to use a specific shipping account using the Bulk Update menu. This is useful if you have multiple accounts for the same carrier.

Select the orders you would like to bulk update from the Orders Grid and click the Bulk Update button.

V3 Orders tab, Red box highlights the bulk update menu drop-down

Select the Shipping Account you would like to bulk apply to the orders:


April 2021 Releases

Quickship Now Available in the New Layout

ShipStation has added the Quickship feature into the new layout!

Just as with ShipStation Legacy, when in Quickship Mode, you will be able to skip the Cost Review screen and several types of alerts and print confirmation pop-ups. Your labels will process in the background and be added to the label queue to print when you are ready.

Additionally, you can now tell ShipStation exactly which alerts and pop-ups you do and do not wish to see when in Quickship Mode.


Review our Using Quickship help article for more details.

Group Orders by Attribute in the Orders Grid

COMING SOON! You will soon be abbe to Group orders in the Orders Grid by specific criteria. If you used the Group By feature in ShipStation Legacy, the new Group By feature provides the same view and sort options, but with several enhancements!


The Group By feature allows you to group orders by the following attributes:

  • Store#

  • # Line Items

  • Total Quality

  • Country

  • Item Name

  • Item SKU

  • Requested Service

  • Age*

  • Order Date*

  • Tags*

  • Store*

Additionally, you can group by multiple attributes at a time, not just one! Once grouped, you can further sort within the groups, add filters and create custom views with groups, and bulk update all orders within a selected group.

Review the Group By section in the View, Search, and Sort help article for more details.

Scan to Verify Improvements

We made several updates to ShipStation's Scan to Verify feature!

  • Scan page now includes a Scan to Verify only option.

    Previously, the Scan page included Scan to Print and Scan to Verify & Print. There was no option to just Scan to Verify without also printing the label. Now there is!


    When in Scan to Verify mode, you will verify the products in the orders only. There are no print or shipment configuration options. Once an order is verified, ShipStation will move the page focus back to the search field so you can immediately scan to the next order.

  • Orders that have been verified will now show a Verified label in the order details.

  • ShipStation now logs the date, time, and user that verified a shipment.

    These details can be found in the order's Shipment Activity (located in Order Details).

  • Scan to Verify & Print and Scan to Print now block you from processing orders in the Cancelled, On Hold, and Awaiting Payment statuses.

  • We've improved the order display in the Scan page to add more item context when attempting to open an order that has been split into multiple shipments.

  • When scanning an order number with multiple results, we now include the recipient name to help you know which order to select.

March 2021 Releases

Use Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts in ShipStation

ShipStation's new layout now has hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, to make your shipping experience faster.

Hotkeys include both Basic and Advanced functions. You can disable the Advanced Hotkeys in ShipStation if you prefer.

Find and access the Hotkey list by either:

  • using the keyboard shortcut ? from any screen in ShipStation, or

  • clicking the help icon Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square. and then Hotkeys.

    Dropdown menu for Support (question mark icon). Red box highlights Hotkeys option.

Close the pop-up with the ESC key.

Basic Hotkeys





List hotkeys (a.k.a. keyboard shortcuts)


Close Window

Shift + Click

Select multiple rows

Cmd + Click

Toggle row selection

Black triangle representing downwards arrow key on keyboard.

Move to the next row

Black triangle representing upwards arrow key on keyboard.

Move to the previous row

Black triangle representing right-facing arrow key on keyboard.

Move to the next window

Black triangle representing left-facing arrow key on keyboard.

Move to the previous window

Custom Shipping Presets

This table contains examples of custom-made shipping presets. See our Use Shipping Presets article to learn how to create and manage your own hotkey combination.



Cmd + F

FedEx Equals 10 oz

Cmd + 0

Free Shipping

Cmd + U

UPS Ground

Advanced Hotkeys

When you first create your ShipStation account, the advanced hotkeys option is enabled by default. You can disable or enable the advanced hotkeys by opening the Hotkeys pop-up and setting the toggle to off or on.

Shipping Orders




Update Stores


Create new order


View Order Details window


Read weight from scale


Get rate


Create label (a.k.a. Ship Order)


Show Rate Calculator


Create new batch

o + r

Reload Orders grid

p + b

Process the currently open batch

m + s

Mark As Shipped

m + b

Mark As Shipped Bulk

Printing Documents



p + s

Print Packing Slip

p + l

Print Pick List

p + s

Print Order Summary




g + a + m

Go to Account Settings

g + a + c

Go to Carrier & Fulfillment Settings

g + c

Go to Customers

g + o

Go to Orders

g + a + p

Go to Print Setup Settings

g + i

Go to Products > Inventory

g + p

Go to Products

g + b

Go to Shipments > Batches

g + e

Go to Shipments > End of Day

g + f

Go to Shipments > Fulfillments

g + k

Go to Shipments > Pickup

g + r

Go to Shipments > Returns

g + s

Go to Shipments

g + a + n

Go to Print Setup Settings

g + a + s

Go to Store Setup Settings

g + a + b

Go to Shipstation Connect Settings

New Advanced Hotkeys: Mark as Shipped and Mark as Shipped Bulk

ShipStation has added two new Advanced Hotkeys that will open the Mark as Shipped feature:

  • Mark as Shipped (M + S), and

  • Mark as Shipped bulk (M + B).

The Mark as Shipped option moves orders to the Shipped status without creating a label. This is ideal when you create labels outside of ShipStation or when you use any method that doesn't require a label, like a local pick-up. 

Review our Mark as Shipped article to learn how this feature works for single orders, and the Mark Multiple Orders Shipped article explains how to mark orders s shipped in bulk. Review our Hotkey Reference Sheet to learn about other hotkey actions you can use within ShipStation.

Create Multipackage Labels in Scan to Verify Mode

You can now create labels for multi-package shipments when using ShipStation’s Scan to Verify & Print feature!

If your selected carrier supports multi-package shipping, click the + sign next to the package drop-down to add your packages with weights and dimensions. If the + sign is not present, your selected carrier does not support multi-package labels.


More Actions Available in Shipment Batches Screen

You can now access the shipping sidebar to configure shipping options for open batches without clicking back to the Orders tab. You can now also tag and use bulk actions while in this view.


If a batch is assigned to a user other than the logged-in user, the Remove and Cancel buttons will be grayed out with a tooltip to explain why.