Provides information on the Re:amaze integration with ShipStation and links for relevant resources.

Re:amaze is an online customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help you streamline the communication you have with your customers, whether it takes place over email, chat, social media, or through the Re:amaze help desk.

Re:amaze's integration to ShipStation will gather basic order and shipment information from ShipStation and display it in the Re:amaze interface so that your support team will have easy access to that information.

For details on how to set up, test, and use the ShipStation integration for Re:amaze, review the Re:amaze ShipStation Integration How To guide.

Connect Re:amaze and ShipStation

To connect Re:amaze and ShipStation, you'll need to generate a set of API keys and enter them into your Re:amaze account.

To get your ShipStation API keys:

  1. Click Generate New API Keys if no key and secret are listed yet.

    Account settings: API Keys: Reads, "You haven't generated any API keys". Generate New API Keys button.

    Generated API Keys

    If you've already generated your API keys, the existing API keys will be displayed here and the button will say Regenerate API Keys.

    If you already have API keys, do NOT generate new ones. Instead, copy your existing key and secret.

  2. Copy your key and secret.

    You can then provide them to the account you wish to access the ShipStation API.