Provides information on the Liftoff integration with ShipStation and links for relevant resources.

Liftoff is an enterprise-class software-as-a-service ("SaaS") ecommerce application suitable for any online sales use but geared especially for the print, marketing, and promotional products industries.

See the Liftoff Knowledge Base site for all available documentation about the Liftoff ecommerce system.


Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Liftoff.

  • Your Liftoff site's base URL.

  • The API key assigned to users with administrative access.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Must include a Ship To address.

Connect a Liftoff Store to ShipStation

To connect your Liftoff store to ShipStation:

  1. Open a tab or browser window and log in to your Liftoff account.

  2. Select the Custom Store tile.

    Custom Store tile.
  3. Enter In the URL to Custom XML Page box. It will always be this value, regardless of your store.

  4. Enter the code for your Liftoff site in the Username box.

    If your site's base URL is, MIAS would be your code. To verify the code, go to All Accounts within Liftoff and locate the CODE column within your account listing. This will ensure you're referencing the proper code value.

  5. Use the API Key assigned to any user that has administrative access to Liftoff for the Password box.

    Find the API key by editing Liftoff subscriber users. If you do not see an API key for the given user, click Create an API Key and click Save.


    Changing API Keys in Liftoff

    If you ever change the API key in Liftoff, you must reconfigure your store with the new key in ShipStation or it will break your active connection.

After you've completed the connection steps, your store will be connected to ShipStation. You'll be taken to the store's Settings page to adjust the store-specific settings like branding, notification preferences, and product handling.