ShipperHQ allows you to customise which delivery options appear to your customers during their store checkout beyond the options typically provided by your shopping cart.

ShipStation's integration with ShipperHQ allows you to import these details with the order so you can make the right service choices for each order right away. Your customer's selection will import as the Requested Service in the Order Details:


Currently, the following details from ShipperHQ will appear in ShipStation :

  • Requested Service

  • Package Details

  • Shipping Methods and cost

  • Date

  • Origin information


Available in ShipStation's New Layout Only

The ShipperHQ integration is not available in ShipStation Legacy. To move to the new layout, click the New Layout Try Now button in your ShipStation toolbar.

The toolbar shows a try now button under New Layout

ShipperHQ Integration Requirements

  • An existing ShipperHQ account.

    Currently, we do not support the ShipperHQ Plus app. ShipStation supports and recommends using the standard ShipperHQ app.

  • A BigCommerce, Magento, or Shopify store connected to ShipStation.

  • The latest ShipperHQ plug-in must be installed for your store.

  • Your ShipperHQ Access Token.

    Learn how to generate your access token.

Connect ShipperHQ to ShipStation

To connect ShipperHQ to ShipStation:

  1. Select the ShipperHQ tile.

    Shipper H Q logo
  2. Click Connect a Store and then select your store from the Store drop-down.

    If the Connect a Store is not selectable, that means you do not have a supported store currently active in your ShipStation account.

  3. Paste your ShipperHQ access token into the Access Token field.

  4. Click Save Connection.

  5. Repeat steps 3-6 for each of your ShipperHQ stores.

Going forward, the ShipperHQ details will import with any new orders imported from the selected stores. Keep in mind, orders imported prior to connecting ShipperHQ to ShipStation will not have the ShipperHQ details.

Notes about ShipperHQ Integration

  • Information sent from ShipperHQ is view-only in ShipStation.

  • You can delete a store connection in the ShipperHQ integration, but you cannot deactivate the ShipperHQ integration itself.

  • There is no alert that appears if your store fails to connect during the connection process. To ensure a successful connection, import orders from your store and confirm the Requested Service is present and include the tooltip icon.

  • If you use both ShipperHQ and ShipStation's Checkout Rates feature, keep in mind only ShipStation's delivery options can be previewed within ShipStation. You must log into ShipperHQ configure and preview ShipperHQ delivery options.